Bhutan & Himalayan Research Centre

To meet the expectation of preserving and promoting Bhutanese language and culture at the College of Language & Culture Studies, a Centre for History and
 was established in 2011. The centre was mandated to carry out research on features and events related to the history and culture in Bhutan. The major initiative of the centre was building the data base of Bhutan Cultural Atlas. The Bhutan Cultural Atlas is a project supported by CNRS, UNESCO, and has completed documenting historical temples, sacred sites, and other unique cultures of communities in the  three central districts of Bumthang, Trongsa, and Zhemgang.

However, the centre’s name was changed to Bhutan and Himalayan Research Center (BHRC) to extend scholarship beyond Bhutan and include Himalaya to it in 2017 with it’s new aims and objectives. BHRC is aiming to create an interdisciplinary network of research, teaching, and networking on Bhutan and the Himalayas.

College of Language and Culture Studies has unique research strengths in the study of Bhutan and Himalayas due to the diverse courses that we offer which circles around the Bhutan and Himalayan studies. Today we offer courses related to Language, Literature, Culture, History, Religion, Buddhism, Philosophy, Anthropology, Linguistics, Sociology, Art and Music.

We invite guest speakers for lecturers on Bhutan and Himalayan culture, Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist art and iconography, Bhutan and Himalayan history and politics. We conduct faculty and student seminars and host visiting scholars. Besides BHRC is also dedicated to document Bhutan’s culture and traditions that are losing with the change of time. To do so BHRC in collaboration with Centre of Buddhist Studies and the research department of the college is in process to rebuild our audio-visual unit to document data properly in audio, visual and written forms.  Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage stands out uniquely in the world today and reflects the rich customs, traditions and social values of the people. BHRC attempts to make CLCS the best resource centre not only in Bhutanese History and Culture but also Himalayan Studies.


  • To built an interdisciplinary network of research, teaching, and networking on Bhutan and Himalayas
  • Document Bhutan’s unique culture and traditions that are losing with time.
  • Facilitate and foster collaborative research with universities and institutions both nationally and internationally.
  • Document and publish research products.
  • Serve as the premier point of reference on Bhutan and Himalayan Studies.