Games and Sports Facilities

Recognizing the social and health benefits of sports, the College of Language and Culture Studies considers games and sports activities as an essential composition of the college education. Recreational and sports activities are used as an integral aspect to promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of the students and staff. The College Sports Committee works to impart social education through conducting various activities where the students can participate learning important lessons and skills. The college also provides opportunities for students to take part in regional, national, and international competitions.

Games and Sports Facilities;

  • The College has one international size football pitch. In addition, another pitch is under the verge of completion.
  • The college has two basketball, one volleyball court and two archery ranges on campus which are accessible.
  • The college has in-door sports such as Table Tennis (Separate male and Female), Badminton, Carrom, and Chess.

College Activities and Competitions:

  • Intra-Class Football Competition (Boys and Girls)
  • Intra-Class Volleyball Competition (Boys and Girls)
  • Intra-Class Basketball Competition (Boys and Girls)
  • Intra-Class Archery Competition (Boys)
  • Intra- Class Table Tennis Competition (Boys and Girls)
  • Intra-Class Badminton Competition (Boys and Girls)
  • Rigzhung Foundation (Boys)
  • Gyalsey Cup (Boys)
  • Final year Cup (Boys)
  • BUSF Games (Boys and Girls)