Vision & Mission


Rigzhung Alumni Association strives to develop connections among alumni and students in order to strengthen their commitment to the College of Language and Culture Studies (CLCS).


Rigzhung Alumni Association embarks on promoting interaction between CLCS graduates and students through a diversity of programs and activities.

The programs seek to gather specialists and experts with common interests in the fashion that enriches their personal experiences and establishes bilateral support between them and the staffs of CLCS in different areas.

Purpose of the Rigzhung Alumni

The Rigzhung Alumni Association is aiming  to operate exclusively for charitable purposes to serve alumni, students, teaching faculty members  and supporting staffs of CLCS through various social events besides development of research activities, and teaching and learning. 

  • To bring together alumni, who studied at the College of Language and Culture Studies and to fosters communication and relationships among alumni, students, faculty and staffs of CLCS through a range of social events.
  • Promote the welfare of staffs and students of CLCS and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between CLCS and its alumni.
  • Develops alumni contributions of volunteer and financial support in order to enhance quality of research, teaching and learning and to preserve and promote our culture and traditions
  • nurture the unique educational experience of CLCS by directing alumni gifts to various needs of students, faculty and staffs.