Fee Structure

For Government Scholarship, the tuition fee and stipend will be paid by government and besides that you need to pay the following to College;

  • Security deposit Nu. 1500/- (refundable when you leave the College)
  • College Development Fund Nu. 500/-
  • For prayer book Nu. 300/- (the College will issue prayer book)
  • College Rimdo Nu. 200/-
  • Student Welfare Fund Nu.200/-

For Self-Finance 

  • The tuition fee is 69,710 per year for Arts and Humanities programmes and Nu.86,360 per year for Science and Engineering programmes. The tuition fee which is exclusive of stipend will increase at the rate of 2% per year.
  • Tuition fee is payable at the time of registration in the beginning of each semester at the rate of 34,855 for Arts and Humanities programmes and Nu.43,180 for Science and Engineering programmes.

The accommodation in the college hostels and mess facilities, if available, will be provided. However, students will be required to pay Nu. 250 per month. Students availing mess facility will also be required to pay the charges for the mess as determined by the mess policy of the College.